life coaching

integrative development coaching

Transformation occurs during integral development coaching, because the client is seen and given a means to regain access to the unique qualities that only they embody.”     
New Ventures West, Integral Coaching Faculty

Driven by an ‘integral’ structure, which refers to ‘making a whole complete’, the beauty is this process evolves organically as we holistically marry home life, relationships, your childhood, even drilling down to how you feel in the morning. By including all aspects of your life we don’t miss a blind spot as nothing happens in isolation. This way of coaching meets you exactly where you are, at a particular moment in your life and provides long-term solutions for a more richer and sustainable growth path.

Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

coaching methodology

The methodology around this way of coaching allows me to craft a practical approach to your journey as we take steps to resolve situations in your life and connect with your overall purpose and where you are heading. Through practices and self-reflection we work through the areas that are causing discomfort, exploring them further and set up a management road map. These could be areas such as anger, struggling to take time for yourself, supporting your team, needing to be clearer and more assertive at work, decision-making or challenging relationships.

the steps

An online meet & greet
No cost – 30 minutes

This is a way for each of us to sense into compatibility, and for me to get a brief outline of your needs. We then table these areas and work through them over a period of 13 sessions:

Exploring the Topic (1.5hrs)
An initial conversation where I learn more about you and how the particular coaching topic is present in your life.

Customised Program Introduced (1.5hrs)
Based on the previous session, we work through an individually curated integral development plan that I have created just for you.

Coaching Conversations (1hrs each – 10 sessions)
We meet virtually or ‘live’ every 10-14 days and take the time to reflect in conversation. I make use of settling and grounding exercises, breath work and somatic practices all with the focus on deep listening and being in the moment.

Final Session (1hr)
As we wrap up our time together and celebrate and honour your journey, we review your progress and agree on pragmatic future plans.

the toolbox

I work with a variety of models, resources  and processes such as:

The Integral Development Coaching model that includes four domains, six streams and 10 ‘Ways of Being’.
Enneagram: a framework used to give in-depth insights into who you are, giving a clearer view to mapping out your personal development based on your personality type.
Self-reflection exercises and practices.
Music, books, poetry, videos, podcast resources, images, poems and more – anything that switches us on!

Preserving the soul means that we come out of hiding at last and bring more of ourselves into the workplace.”   David Whyte

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