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Ana-Lucia approached Switchboard Consulting with The Mindful Child organization as a working idea. The Mindful Child needed a comprehensive business plan that will be presented to investors. Switchboard established the customized business plan template and proceeded. There were bi-weekly face to face meetings where elements of the Business Plan were discussed often opening up new possibilities and also realizing the constraints of others. The Mindful Child evolved from passion, inspiration, and skills into a profitable going concern with more than 5 income streams – what an exhilarating process!

The Business was registered, insured and marketed.

From day one I felt so happy to have Kate as my business coach. She keeps me motivated and believing in myself, as well as keeping me down to earth and in check with reality. I find it so easy to communicate my ideas with her and make myself clear, which makes our business meetings go smoothly. I love how she formulates the questions she asks you which makes you question things about your business that you wouldn’t have thought of. She is incredibly professional and an amazing coach. If it was not for her I couldn’t have created what The Mindful Child is today.

Ana Lucía Rodríguez
The Mindful Child
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